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Ping Anser 2

Club Reviewed: Ping Anser 2 at 34" and standard lie.
Ball Used: Precept Double Cover

Ping Anser 2 Putter Review:

Setup & Alignment

The Ping Anser 2 sets up wonderfully behind the golf ball. You don't have to worry about the putter turning in our out at address, it set's up square each time you set it down. The plumbers neck and sight line make it extremely easy to line the putter up right on the ball as well as to the sweet spot of the putter. I've also putted with the Ping Anser and found that I would at times be putting the ball towards the heel of the putter without knowing it. With the sight line on the Anser 2 that isn't a problem.

This is not the softest putters I've ever used but it is very solid. It has much better feel than the Ping Anser but not quite as soft at the Odyssey 990 I played with the stronomic insert in it. With the stronomic insert, you could play all types of balls and not tell a whole lot of difference feel wise. With the Anser 2, you can definitely feel and hear the difference depending on the type of ball used.

The Anser 2 provides better length control over the original Ping Anser because it has a much bigger sweet spot. I also feel I have much better control than the Odyssey putters with the Anser 2. With the Odyssey, the ball seemed to, at times, jump off of the stronomic insert with the same stroke and length of takeaway. I've talked to others that felt the same way there. The Anser 2 provides consistent results on short and long putts.

Traditional look with the plumbers neck, steel grey color and white site line. I've always loved the looks of the Anser style putters and the Anser 2 is by far my favorite. As stated before, it is very easy to line up and sits square each time you set it down. That definitely breeds confidence before you've ever struck a putt.

The Ping Anser 2 putter can be used by all golfers no matter the handicap. This is the same putter that Tiger Woods used prior to turning professional (he still uses the same style putter but it is made by Scotty Cameron and Titleist). Greg Norman, Mark O'Meara and Robert Allenby also use this putter even now. Reasonably priced, great looks, great feel and easy to align. Doesn't get any better than that! Additional information on Ping's complete line of putters can be found on their website at


(Courtesy of Ping Golf)

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