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Equip2Golf constantly searches the web for news and information about new products. We also receive press releases about new equipment and here we have compiled some of the new product news and annoucements that you may have missed. We will update this page as we learn of new products.


November 19th, 2006
Nike SQ SUMO Drivers
  • Nike Golf recentl introduced the new square shaped SasQuatch SUMO² driver and the new SasQuatch SUMO driver. With these new drivers Nike Golf has evolved the innovation of geometric design to bring golfers even more distance, forgiveness and accuracy through new record levels of moment of interia (MOI). Named SUMO for the SUper MOment of Inertia created by its geometric designs, the SQ SUMO² and the SQ SUMO sport the same distinctive yellow soleplate as the original SQ. Now even more visually distinctive due to its square head design, the SQ SUMO² features golf's highest MOI of 5300. This advanced MOI is created by the geometric square design combined with the utilization of a multi-material construction. A deeper beta titanium face, a titanium body and a composite crown combine to bring about material weight savings that are redistributed into the square design, making the driver hotter, longer and more responsive. As such, the square geometry dramatically enhances the SQ PowerBow and SQ Max Back Center of Gravity (CG) technologies, which work together to increase MOI. The SQ SUMO, which features an all-titanium head, incorporates the same design evolution of the SQ PowerBow and SQ Max Back CG, raising its new super MOI to 4950, the highest in an all-titanium driver. Nike Golf's club wizard Tom Stites' new design has created the ideal ratio between the width of the clubface and the depth of the club head. As with the SQ SUMO², the SQ SUMO geometry pushes the breadth-to-face length ratio up, resulting in a larger, more forgiving sweet spot. The SQ SUMO² and the SQ SUMO are both 460cc, feature SasQuatch/Diamana shafts, are available in 8.5º, 9.5º, 10.5º and 13º and will carry respective suggested retail prices of $479.99 and $359.99. Both the SasQuatch SUMO² and the SasQuatch SUMO will be shipped in mid-January 2007, to be available for purchase in golf shops and stores nationwide on February 1, 2007.


November 19th, 2006
Aerotech SteelFiber Golf Shafts
  • Aerotech is adding a pair of new shaft models to its increasingly popular SteelFiber line in 2007. The SteelFiber i110cw ($37) is a 110-gram taper tip constant weight shaft that - like the rest of the SteelFiber line - features a high-modulus graphite core and 59+ miles of steel fiber covering the entire surface of each shaft. Each steel fiber has an 8-micron diameter, which is roughly 1/10th the diameter of a human hair. The result is a shaft bearing graphite's power and vibration dampening ability, and steel's stability and control. The SteelFiber i110cw for irons is constant-weighted, meaning that each shaft in the set weighs exactly the same - regardless of the length, which starts out at 40" for the 3-iron and goes to 36.5" in the wedge. They're available through Golfsmith, GolfWorks and professional clubfitters around the world. The SteelFiber i110cw, which is already available in a parallel tip, is offered in R, S and X flexes in both tip configurations. The SteelFiber i125 ($37) for wedges is a 125-gram wedge-specific shaft that's 36.5" long. Like most wedge shafts, this is a taper tip model. It fits nicely for players who have either been playing a graphite shaft in their wedges that's too light or those who have been playing steel-shafted wedges for a long period of time and now may have graphite in the rest of their iron set. The SteelFiber i125 is available through Golfsmith, GolfWorks and professional clubfitters around the world. The two new Aerotech Golf shaft offerings will be available for purchase beginning in January 2007.


November 19th, 2006
TaylorMade SelectFit System
  • Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc. has introduced the TaylorMade SelectFit System, a pioneering custom driver and iron fitting system that will let golfers test hundreds of head and shaft combinations, allowing the golfer to find a perfectly matched driver and set of irons to fit his or her swing dynamics. TaylorMade has been committed to providing solutions to optimize launch conditions, especially since the introduction of Movable Weight Technology™. A proper fit is one of the keys to optimize launch conditions. The development of the TaylorMade SelectFit System is owed in part to MATT (Motion Analysis Technology by TaylorMade) system data. During the past six years, TaylorMade Golf has conducted an in-depth study of launch conditions with the help of its MATT System. The MATT System records and animates a player's swing with extraordinary detail, and measures a variety of key statistics including swing speed, initial ball speed, launch angle, ball spin, swing path and face angle. TaylorMade Performance Labs and other MATT systems located around the U.S. and worldwide upload new swing data on a daily basis to a central computer at the company's headquarters in Carlsbad, California. Careful analysis has furnished TaylorMade engineers with an invaluable understanding of the launch conditions that encourage distance and accuracy and how vital a perfect fit can be to every player to maximize his potential. The data was also vital in developing the training materials for TaylorMade's fitters and the components of the TaylorMade SelectFit System itself. The TaylorMade SelectFit System will allow trained fitters to quickly and easily experiment with different shaft and head combinations without sacrificing feel or performance of the golf club. The TaylorMade SelectFit System is unique in the industry in that it permits an expert all-in-one fitting system for both drivers and irons. In each TaylorMade SelectFit System cart, there are 15 driver heads of various lofts (from 8.5 to 13.5 degrees) and models (r7® 425, r7 425TP r7460, r7460TP, r7 Draw). Along with the heads, the cart offers 17 driver shafts from major manufacturers, with varied lengths, flexes, and kick points. These combinations, coupled with TaylorMade's Movable Weight Technology, offer over 63,000 possible driver combinations. Also in the system are 18 different iron heads of various models (r7TP, r7, r7 Draw, r7 CGB MAX) and lie angles from 4 degrees flat to 4 degrees upright, 17 shafts from major manufacturers of varying lengths, flexes, and materials (both steel and graphite). These combinations offer 258 possible iron combinations. Key to making this system possible was developing the technology to connect a head and shaft and have the club feel and play the same as a production model. This is accomplished by a quick change method developed by TaylorMade's R&D department, three years in the making. The resulting club has exactly the same swingweight and playing characteristics as a production club. Before the TaylorMade SelectFit System, club-fitters were forced to carry pre-built clubs made to various specs. Because of the high demand for customized equipment, a limited supply of golf club permutations left too many performance gaps. In an attempt to carry more combinations, fitting carts were becoming enormous. "In years past, a typical fitting system cart would carry approximately 40 iron combinations and 16 driver combinations. With the coupling technology in the TaylorMade SelectFit System, we accomplished two goals: The System is a reasonable size and it offers many more combinations." says Bazzel. The TaylorMade SelectFit System experience will be available at preferred TaylorMade accounts beginning in December.


August 20th, 2006
Nike Unitized Putters
  • Nike Golf recently introduced the Unitized line of putters. The four Unitized models were officially unveiled by Nike Golf executives and designers at a special Unitized preview event during the PGA Championship in Chicago, IL. Nike Golf Tour athlete Paul Casey, who recently won on the PGA European Tour with a Unitized putter prototype, also attended the preview occasion. The Unitized, which takes its name from the definition "to make a single unit," holds the distinction of being the only putter in the marketplace that has the head and shaft designed and engineered as one piece. As such, Nike Golf's seamless construction creates an express line straight from the putter face to the grip, with no stops along the way to interrupt frequencies between the putter head and the golfer's hands. This delivers a pure response and unparalleled feel, a sense of touch which is further enhanced by the forged head and precision milled face. Unitized's better feedback translates into better distance control for fewer putts. Nike Golf is introducing four models within the Unitized putter line -- the Tiempo, Retro, Neo and the Techno. With four head designs to suit any golfer's preference, each of the four models shares the same Unitized optimal feel technology, along with a distinctive visual differentiation that is brought about by the straighter, cleaner look of the head/shaft unit, and by the uniform black nickel plating of the head/shaft unit. All four feature the WINN Advanced Integration Pistol Grip, and True Temper Straight Taper steel shaft technology. Availability is set for November 1, 2006. The Unitized putters will be available in 33", 34" and 35" lengths, and right and left handed. Suggested price is sset at $299 each.


August 14th, 2006
Scotty Cameron by Titleist Detour Putter
  • Master craftsman Scotty Cameron revolutionizes the path to better putting with the introduction of the new Scotty Cameron by Titleist Detour and Detour 2 putters. Utilizing research accumulated from years of analyzing the putting strokes and habits of the world’s best players, Cameron determined the optimum putting swing path naturally follows a curve created by the lie angle of the shaft. To assist golfers in following the proper path, he developed the new Detour with innovative design elements and visual indicators, highlighted by the arched or curved body and sightline. “As the putter head travels slightly inside on the back-swing, back to square at impact, and slightly inside on the follow-through, the body tries to manipulate the face to square,” explains Cameron. “The design of this putter keeps the face square to the path line through the entire stroke by showing the player the way. The Detour allows the player and putter to work effortlessly together to achieve ideal ball performance by putting along the proper path.” The Detour has an arched body that is milled from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum, the curved body promotes the proper swing path for optimum ball performance. The Stainless Steel Heel-Toe Weighting Bar provides extreme heel-toe balance for enhanced dynamic stability. The Milled Body Pockets lighten the mid-section of the putter to allow proper weight distribution and CG placement. The Stainless Steel Backweight triangulates weight at the corners of the putter for an extremely high moment of inertia. A vibration dampening ring around the backweight ensures superior sound and feel. The Angle Milled Body with a High Toe provides ideal overall balance, improves set-up appearance and expands the sweet spot for greater forgiveness and a true roll. Finally, the Elastomer Cushion surrounds the face, dampening the vibration for a soft sound and solid feel that allows for precise distance control. The Detour putter features a single bend shaft, while the Detour 2 offers the same performance qualities with a straight shaft configuration. The Detour is available in 34 (340g headweight) and 35 inch (330g headweight) lengths in both right and left hand, as well as 33 inches (350g headweight) as a custom option. The Detour 2 is available in right hand only. Both putters are designed with 4 degrees of loft with a Black Baby T stock grip. Available custom grips include the Red Baby T and the Red or Black Studio Design. The putter found early acceptance on the PGA Tour as the Xperimental C5 prototype before coming to market as Detour. The new Detour and Detour 2 will begin shipping to golf shops on August 15, 2006 with a suggested retail price of $300.


August 14th, 2006
TaylorMade r7 Draw Driver
  • Taylor Made Golf Company has introduced a new driver called the r7 Draw. Featuring a 460 cc titanium clubhead and what TaylorMade calls Draw-Weighted Technology, it is engineered to help players of all types either hit the ball longer by hitting a draw, or hit the ball longer by straightening a slice. TaylorMade’s research & development department started with a deep-faced, 460 cc titanium clubhead – the maximum size the USGA will allow. The size contributes to an extremely high MOI for great forgiveness on mis-hits. That, combined with the extremely low center of gravity (CG) location makes the r7 Draw driver exceptionally easy to launch. To make the r7 Draw driver easier to hit a draw with, TaylorMade engineers incorporated Draw-Weighted Technology into the clubhead, wherein all available discretionary weight is positioned in the back of the clubhead and toward the heel. This was done by creating a deep "speed scoop" in the sole, near the toe. This scoop pushes weight in the direction of the heel, which moves the CG even closer to the shaft. That’s critical, because the closer the CG is to the heel, the better for promoting a draw. That’s because moving the CG closer to the shaft speeds the rotation of the clubhead during the forwardswing, the way a spinning figure skater speeds the rotation of his or her body by pulling his or her arms inward. Draw-Weighted Technology combined with the slightly closed clubface alignment, makes it easier to square the r7 Draw driver’s clubface to the ball at and through impact, promoting a draw. And, for players who chronically hit the ball right, Draw-Weighted Technology helps soften a slice. Additionally, moving the CG farther back encourages a high ball flight, resulting in greater carry and distance. The r7 Draw driver features a 55-gram RE*AX™ 55 graphite shaft, manufactured by Mitsubishi, which is not only extremely light but also tip-soft, encouraging greater clubhead speed and a high launch-angle for a high, long ball flight. The r7 Draw driver carries a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $370. Lofts include 9.0°, 10.5° and HT (High Trajectory) lofts.


August 7th, 2006
Odyssey White Hot XG Putters
  • Odyssey Golf introduces four new models to its popular line of Odyssey White Hot XG(TM) Putters. The new offerings include the same White Hot XG #9 model Phil Mickelson used in April to win both his second Masters title and his third BellSouth Classic title the week before. The new White Hot XG Putter models will be available at retail beginning August 15. They include #5 Center Shafted, #8 Center Shafted, #9 models and a 2-Ball model. In addition, a left-handed version of the #7 model, the most popular of the original White Hot XG Putters, also is being introduced. The multi-layer insert technology that convinced Mickelson to switch to the White Hot XG Putter was inspired by the latest technological developments in multi-layer golf balls, a blend of two materials with differing levels of firmness. The unmatched feel in the new White Hot XG Putters, regardless of the type or construction of the golf ball being played, is superior to that found in any single-insert putter. The core of the insert is made of a soft and highly resilient elastomer material for enhanced feel and the thinner outer striking surface contains urethane for fine-tuned responsiveness. Combined, these two materials are just one-fifth the weight of steel, allowing more weight to be moved to the perimeter for a higher moment of inertia, more forgiveness and a truer roll. The face also includes a Textured Impact Zone, which enhances feel and clearly defines the optimum impact area on the insert face. The new White Hot XG Putter line extensions will be available in whole-inch lengths from 33 inches through 36 inches. The #5 Center Shafted and #8 Center Shafted models have no offset, while the #9 model has a half-shaft offset and the 2-Ball model has a full-shaft offset. All White Hot XG Putters carry a suggested retail price of $150, except the 2-Ball version, which is $215.


August 7th, 2006
YES! Callie-f Puter
  • YES! Golf, the leader in grooved putter technology, has introduced the first forged putter with the patented C-Groove technology. The Callie-f is combines traditional milled forged material with grooved face putter technology resulting in a solid putter with a soft, responsive feel. The Callie-f is a traditional cavity back putter made from one-piece of forged manganese-bronze. The C-Grooves are then milled into the face revealing the golden grooves. All but the grooves are then oxidized to provide a non-glare finish to the head. The putter has 355 gram head weight with a plumber connection hosel and shaft length available from 32"- 37". The Callie-f has a single alignment line in the cavity of the putter. The putter is comes in a 2.5° loft and 72° lie with 2° flat or upright available. The Callie-f putter has a suggested retail of $300.00 is currently available right handed.


July 31st, 2006
Bridgestone e5 & e6 Golf Balls
  • Bridgestone Golf’s newest golf balls are the e5 and e6 balls. The new balls are specifically engineered for mid-skilled players looking to maximize their distance. Bridgestone has divided golfers into two specific categories of spin and trajectory patterns, those who hit a low trajectory tee shot that limits carry and those who lose distance as a result of too much sidespin in the form of a slice or hook. The Bridgestone e5 and e6 golf balls address these two categories. The e5 golf ball is targeted at players who want higher trajectory off the tee for more distance and Tour soft feel around the green. The Bridgestone e5 golf ball is a two-piece urethane cover ball, featuring a seamless 432-dimple pattern. Seamless Cover Technology™ (SCT®) is a superior alternative with complete dimple coverage compared to conventional balls that have a seam that may cause unexpected differences in ball flight. SCT creates added distance and a more consistent ball flight for pinpoint accuracy. The e5’s construction is unique in the marketplace, providing the distance of a two-piece ball combined with the precision soft feel and backspin of a Urethane cover. The new Large Kinetic Energy Core generates higher initial velocity for explosive launch and impressive distance. But that’s not all. The new Grip and Grab Urethane Cover delivers optimized spin off the driver, as well as superb backspin and feel on approach and finesse shots. Urethane covers are typically reserved for Tour caliber balls. Making this technology available to a broader range of players is a true innovation. The e6 golf ball is targeted at players who are currently losing distance off of their tee shots as a result of a hook or slice caused by too much sidespin. The Bridgestone e6 golf ball, an ultra soft multilayer construction, utilizes a new core, cover and the patented SCT (seamless) 330-dimple design to offer golfers straighter shots, and thus more distance. The Soft Kinetic Energy Core is designed to deliver consistently better feel on all shots and an optimum launch angle off of the tee for maximum carry. That combined with the Linear Velocity Inner Layer, which is designed to generate extremely high resilience and reduce sidespin off of the driver, means straighter and longer drives. The Bridgestone e6 features a Soft and Control Surlyn® cover which delivers great feel on approach and chip shots. Both balls will feature a suggested retail price of $38 per dozen and a street price of $25.


July 24th, 2006
Under Armour Apparel
  • Under Armour has teamed with GEAR FOR SPORTS to bring its innovative performance apparel to a wider range of athletes in the golf market. Under Armour's core product lines will now feature golf-logoed apparel, including HeatGear™, ColdGear™ and AllSeasonGear™. These products are constructed with Under Armour's patented moisture-management fabrics that are guaranteed to keep golfers comfortable and dry. The Under Armour Golf apparel lineup includes polos, shorts, and mock t short and long sleeve shirts. The apparel pricing ranges from $39-$59 each. The new line is available at several retail sporting good chains nationwide.


July 17th, 2006
Sonartec proto t35 Wedge
  • Sonartec Golf recently released a new product, the proto t35 Wedge. The wedge is forged from 8620-carbon steel produces a soft feel with less vibration. It features a brushed satin finish to lessen glare and has a traditional forged wedge design. The multi-grind sole allows for greater manipulation of club face for a variety of shots. The proto t35 Wedge features a medium bounce and narrow sole. The trailing leading edge and heel grind allows the leading edge to be flush with turf minimizing thin shots while also maximizing trapping ability. The design is suited for all types of shot-making styles and turf conditions. The face of the wedge is milled and features Sonartec’s "Yo-Yo Grooves ™" providing added control and maximum spin. The constant radius transition of mass in the wedge design helps position more muscle mass behind the ball and gives a more solid feel at impact, all resulting in accuracy & control. The Sonartec proto t35 Wedge is currently available online for $129 each and offered in 52°, 56°, and 60° models.


July 9th, 2006
Cleveland HiBORE Fairway Woods
  • Cleveland Golf introduces a new addition to the HiBORE driver. The fairways are designed with the same Distance Driven Geometry™ used in the HiBORE driver. The larger face area combined with the face-centered performance of these woods make them as forgiving as they are stable for players of any ability. Although the HiBORE fairway woods boast a 10% larger face area than the Launcher Steel model, the inverted crown design has allowed a clubhead that is actually smaller than conventionally shaped fairway woods. This more efficient geometry, coupled with the added benefits of Thin Crown Technology, helps to allow for more discretionary weight to be moved to the rear outer perimeter of the clubhead. The face-centered performance of the HiBORE fairway woods also help off-center hits to perform nearly as well as perfect shots, which will lead to less penalizing results from anywhere on the clubface. Availability is set for August 1, 2006 with a suggested retail price of $275 each . Right-handed models will be available in lofts of 13, 15, 19 and 22 degrees, while left-handed models will be available in lofts of 15 and 19 degrees and begin shipping on September 1, 2006. The HiBORE fairway woods are available with a standard Fujikura HiBORE Silver shaft.


July 9th, 2006
adidas Golf Shoes
  • adidas Golf introduces three new shoes for the summer.The Tour Traxion borrows its style cues from the ultra-successful Tour 360 model, a shoe worn by several of golf's elite athletes, including Mike Weir, Sergio Garcia, and Jim Furyk. Massive exposure garnered from winning Footwear of the Year honors at ispovision's worldwide Sportstyle Awards Ceremony in Munich, along with the weekly coverage of tour athletes has created significant demand for the sensational new look, but at a more accessible price point for the end user. Tour Traxion affords the golf consumer the 'tour look' with great comfort and affordability. The Tour Traxion features a lightweight EVA midsole with adiPrene® cushioning and a 1-year waterproof warranty. The Tour Traxion retails for $90 and is available in four different colorways that match the Tour 360.

    If you didn't look at the sole of the University, you might think you were looking at an athletic shoe. The University's design is inspired by the adidas brand's 80+ year sporting heritage. The University features golf-specific performance attributes including a wide and stable platform for swing stability, Traxion lugs and replaceable soft spikes for grip, and adiPrene for cushioning and comfort. By combining these great performance attributes with a lightweight athletic design, adidas Golf delivers an innovative performance shoe to highlight its Sport Series. The University retails for $80 and is available in five different colorways.

    With Greenside, adidas' focus is on infusing the lower price points with comfort and great looks. Too often the golf consumer needs to sacrifice comfort and style when on a budget. adidas' product creation team refused to compromise or make quality sacrifices when it came to building the Greenside and as a result, the consumer wins with a great looking performance golf shoe at $60. The Greenside is available for both men and women in 2 different colorways.


June 18th, 2006
Nickent 3DX Hybrid Irons
  • Nickent Golf introduced the 3DX Hybrid Irons. The idea is to make an efficient, integrated hybrid iron set that would get rid of the large gap between the 4-hybrid and the 5-iron. The result is a ball flight that matches your current long iron, but that soars 20-25 yards further. Nikcent saved 35 grams of weight by attaching a 5-gram carbon composite cap on the back of the clubhead. They placed this extra 35 grams into two steel plugs at the bottom and back of the hollow iron. This created a launch characteristic that was extremely high because of the club being a hollow iron with a CG as far back and as low as possible. This extremely high created by the hollow iron gave us the ability to strengthen the lofts, while giving the golfer the same exact launch as their normal long iron. The hollow iron shares the Center of Gravity, Moment of Inertia and C.O.R. characteristics of a fairway wood. Suggested retail pricing for the irons are $749 for a 5-P 7-piece iron set: $749. Add two 3DX DC hybrids for a 9-piece set for $849.


June 13th, 2006
Cobra HS9 Series Drivers and Fairway Metals
  • Cobra Golf recently introduced its latest driver and fairway metals, the HS9 Series. The 460cc HS9 drivers combine multiple performance-enhancing technologies—golf’s largest Face Area, Carbon Composite Crown and Sole integration and a Triple Weighting System that moves the weight lower and back or improved performance. The new drivers and fairways are tailored to specific player ball speeds. Players can determine the optimal driver for their game by identifying their ball speed, swing speed and/or average driving distance. King Cobra HS9 drivers are available in three primary models – X, F and M, each of which are Speed Tuned. They will begin shipping to golf shops in June with a suggested retail price of $480 for the HS9 Drivers and $285 for the HS9 Fairway Metals.


June 8th, 2006
Hit Em Straight Golf Score Card
  • The Hit Em Straight Golf Score Card for Pocket PCs by EazyGreen Software. The beauty of this software, is that you can use it while on the course. It allows golfers to manage a round of golf with the simple click of a button. Save rounds to your handheld computer for later reference or for bragging rights. Track and tally up scores and side wagers at anytime during the round with one click. Create par and yardage information for your favorite courses one time and you'll never have to worry about using the pencil and paper again. You'll have all the information for every course at the palm of your hand. Traditional score card look and easy to use. Try it out for free by going to www.eazygreen.net and download the 30 day FREE trial to see for yourself the benefits this software has to offer. The Hit Em Straight Golf Score Card has an online price of $19.99 for donwloadable copy.


May 31st, 2006
Miura CB-301 Irons
  • The CB-301 cavity back irons from Miura Golf are forged from mild steel with a nickel stain chrome finish. This is Mr. Miura’s latest design and with it he has redefined weight distribution within the head. His concept is simple: Pull the center of gravity in towards the hosel, and move more weight out towards the toe. Each has a different effect on the iron. The first makes the head close more rapidly and the second slows it down. By working with the ratio between these two opposing forces, Mr. Miura is able to control the way the club face closes. This particular grind blends these two forces so that the club head squares more easily. It allows for a more fluid swing as opposed to a guarded effort to guide the club. Miura's forging techniques rearrange the molecular structure of the mild steel in a pattern that is uniform throughout the club head. This eliminates void spots in the club face assuring that every Miura club in your bag has the distance control, ball flight, spin, and feel that any golfer should demand. This tightness in the grain structure of the metal is what gives Miura-made clubs the controlled, soft feel that other manufacturers cannot achieve. Miura also uses a proprietary "spinwelding" process to produce the industries' most consistent hosel. This unique procedure ensures that the bore depths and hosel heights are identical on every Miura made head and the shaft of every club will be perfectly centered. The irons are currently available with a price of $1,249 for 3-PW set. For additional information please visit www.miuragolf.com.


May 29th, 2006
Cobra Optica SL Putters
  • Cobra Golf recently introduced the new Optica SL line of putters using fiber optic technology to help golfers align putts. The key to the Optica’s new alignment technology lies in the TRUGLO® Fiber Optic sight line that ensures your putts are always on target. TRUGLO sights are the brightest aiming points in the industry, enabling greater sight contrast for more accurate alignment. The Optica putter employs the latest materials and technology to optimize not only alignment, but every aspect of a putter’s design, including forgiveness, feel and roll. Features and benefits of the new Optica SL Putters include the TRUGLO® Fiber Optic sight line for square alignment and greater accuracy. Additional feature include the tri-material construction with a forged aluminum 6061 body and milled face provides soft feel and true roll; injected urethane body cap further enhancing feel; and a forged stainless steel weight ring for low and back center of gravity placement and high MOI for greater accuracy and distance control Optica SL putters are available in two versions: The heel-shafted SL-01 and the center-shafted SL-02, both feature Winn V17 Multi-texture grips and True Temper shafts (available in 34 and 35 inch lengths). The King Cobra Optica SL-01 and SL-02 putters will begin shipping this month with a suggested retail price of $199 each.


May 29th, 2006
Callaway Wide Sole Fusion Irons
  • Callaway Golf recently introduced the Fusion Wide Sole Irons. The new irons utilize Callaway’s weight-shifting science of Fusion Technology found in their drivers. The clubhead, made of 6-4 titanium, is 25 percent larger than the original Fusion Iron clubhead. It has a larger effective hitting area, higher stability and increased offset for enhanced confidence. Tunite™, Callaway Golf’s proprietary, ultra-dense alloy developed for the original Fusion Irons, is fused to the bottom of the body, dramatically lowering the center of gravity for greater forgiveness and aid in launching the ball up quickly and easily. The sole’s wide design instills more confidence and helps the clubhead glide smoothly through turf while limiting digging on miss-hit shots. Contributing to the solid feel of the Fusion Wide Sole Irons is the unique TPU SenSert™ insert in the back cavity. The TPU SenSert insert is a chemically engineered thermoplastic polyurethane that decreases vibration for consistent feel on every shot. The irons will be offered in either graphite or steel shafts. The standard steel shaft is the Nippon 990 Uniflex and the standard graphite shaft is the Callaway Golf graphite, in Women’s, Light, Regular and Stiff flexes. The standard set configuration is 4-iron through Pitching and Sand Wedges, with a 2-iron, 3-iron, Approach, and Lob Wedges also available. The Fusion Wide Sole Irons are currently available in right-handed models with left-handed models will be available mid-summer. They carry a suggested retail price of $1440 with steel shafts and $1800 in graphite. Additional single clubs will be $180 in steel and $225 in graphite.


May 22nd, 2006
Mizuno Bettinardi Putters
  • Mizuno USA earlier this year joined up with the hand craftsmanship and milling expertise of putter designer Robert J. Bettinardi to introduce a line of milled putters. The new Mizuno Bettinardi putters will be 100% precision milled at Bettinardi’s headquarters in Tinley Park, Illinois and assembled at Mizuno USA headquarters in Norcross, Georgia. The putters will be available in six new designs to offer a variety of shapes and styles. The Mizuno Bettinardi putters will feature two series. The A-Series features two face balanced, Moment of Inertia, mallet-style putters milled from 6061T6 Aluminum Steel. Each A-Series putter features a low, deep Center of Gravity, Bettinardi’s patented Honeycomb Face for consistent ball striking, optimum offset, a unique proprietary sight line, Custom Exotic True Temper double-bend shaft, and a Winn AVS17 grip. The A-01, available in a right hand model, features a rounded shaped putter head, 3 degrees of loft and a 71 degree lie angle. The A-02, available in left and right handed models, features a unique crown shaped head, 3 degrees of loft and a 71-degree lie angle. A-Series putters will be available in 34” and 35” lengths, and feature an elegant, anodized Storm Gray finish. A-Series putters have a suggested retail price of $180 each. The C-Series features four heel-toe weighted, pocket cavity putters that are 100% precision milled from 11L17 Carbon Steel. The C-Series features a more traditional, recognized head shape, Bettinardi’s patented Honeycomb Face for consistent ball striking, optimum offset, YSC True Temper shaft, and a Winn AVS17 grip. All C-Series putters feature 4 degrees of loft and a 71 degree lie angle. The C-01, available in right hand, features rounded edges on the trailing flange, and a slightly longer, plumber neck for a unique appearance and perspective on the ball. The C-02, available in right hand, features the same rounded trailing flange as the C-01, but with a standard length plumber “slant neck” for improved framing of the ball. The C-03, available in left and right hand, features a standard length, plumber neck and a squared off trailing flange for a clean appearance. The C-04 , available in right hand, features an over the hosel standard length plumber “slant neck” and a unique rounded “rocker” back flange. C-Series putters will be available in 34” and 35” lengths, and feature a plated satin pearl finish. C-Series putters have a suggested retail price of $230 each.


May 22nd, 2006
Cleveland 588 DSG Wedges
  • Cleveland Golf’s latest addition to the Tour Action 588 series of wedges brings state-of-the-art technology and versatility to the most popular wedge shape of all time. Though the original 588 wedge is largly considered the industry benchmark, the new 588 DSG has a unique Dynamic Sole Grind that allows the leading edge to remain closer to the ground when opening the clubface at address. This gives golfers more versatility to hit high and soft flop shots around the green. Made from 8620 soft carbon steel and featuring a milled face and grooves for maximum spin, The suggested retail price on the 588 DSG is $133 for the steel shafted model and $157 for graphite. They are currently available.


May 21st, 2006
Nike Ignite Golf Ball
  • The Ignite is Nike Golf's newest entry into the performance ball category. It offers longer distance, penetrating ball flight and amazing multi-layer feel and control to a wide range of players and swing speeds. The Ignite Ball features a soft Surlyn cover and 408 dimple pattern to help produce long drives, and ideal "premium ball-like" control with irons on every shot. The construction of the Nike Ignite golf ball is 3-piece with a solid core. It is targeted toward golfers that prefer low spin, increased distance and penetrating flight off the tee without compromising on mid-iron control or greenside feel. The Ignite will carry a suggested retail price of $35.00 per dozen and is currently available.


May 20th, 2006
TaylorMade TP Golf Ball
  • TaylorMade recently introduced a new golf ball to the market, their first in several years. The new golf balls are called the TaylorMade TP Red and TP Black. The new golf balls feature a three-piece construction and a new pentangular di-pyramid dimple design. The dimples are designed to keep the ball in the air longer increasing distance. The difference in performance between the TP Red and TP Black is a result of their different core diameters and mantle thicknesses. The TP Red's larger core and thinner mantle promotes a low spin-rate off the driver and a slightly lower, tour-like launch angle off every club in the bag, which promotes increased control. Likewise, the thinner mantle promotes a slightly softer sound and feel. Conversely, the TP Black's thicker mantle permits the ball to slide up the clubface a fraction at impact for a higher launch angle, while the thicker mantle and smaller core work together to promote an even lower rate of driver-spin. That combination of higher launch angle and lower spin-rate helps promotes increased carry and distance. The TaylorMade TP Black is currently played by touring professionals Justin Rose and J.L. Lewis. The TaylorMade TP Red is currently played by touring professionals Sergio Garcia, Hale Irwin, Robert Damron, and Chris Perry. The TaylorMade TP Red and TP Black golf balls will carry a suggest retail price of $55 per dozen and are currently available.


May 15th, 2006
Titleist Pro Titanium 905R Driver
  • Titleist introduces the Pro Titanium 905R driver. The new driver features a 460cc classic pear-shaped titanium head. The largest volume Titleist driver ever, the Pro Titanium 905R offers high launch, low spin and maximum ball velocity, with the added benefit of a 460cc head size for greater stability on off-center impacts. The increased head volume provides 10 percent higher inertia for increased forgiveness and a 35 percent larger maximum ball speed area for improved driving performance. The design features a separate face, body and hosel construction with a 6-4 Titanium body and SP7000 Titanium face insert. The CNC milled 6061 T-6 aluminum hosel tube reduces hosel mass and allows weight to be redistributed lower and deeper in the clubhead to optimize center of gravity location and dynamic face closure. Strategic weight pads are located in the skirt walls for optimum center of gravity placement. The new Pro Titanium 905R replaces the Pro Titanium 905T and complements the 400cc Pro Titanium 905S. The 905S is a deeper-faced driver designed with a more forward CG position for high launch and/or high spin players. Stock shafts include Graphite Design YS-6+ (64g), Aldila NV 65 (67g), UST Proforce V2 75 (76g) and Titleist Speeder by Fujikura (78g). The stock grip is the Titleist Tour Velvet Cord Round. Additional shafts and grips are available through Titleist Custom.The new Titleist Pro Titanium 905R will begin shipping to golf shops on March 15, 2006 and is available in both right and left hand. The suggested retail price for the 905R is $500.


May 15th, 2006
Maxfli Noodle Ice Golf Ball
  • Maxfli Golf introduces the Noodle Ice golf ball. The ball is an update to the original Noodle distance golf ball with two cosmetic elements that are designed to enhance the way it looks, increase visibility, and to increase appeal to a broader audience. First, the cover of the Noodle Ice is transparent, allowing the core beneath to clearly show through. The cover, which resembles a thin, sleek layer of ice, is what gives the ball its name. Second, the core is colored, which gives the ball a distinctive and attractive look. Four high-optic colors are available: lime, lemon, tangerine and raspberry. Not only does the transparent cover and colored core give Noodle Ice a striking in appearance, many golfers should also find the high-optic colors easier to focus on at address, and easier to see in flight. Maxfli indicates that the Noodle Ice can, for some players, promote better and more solid contact, and be easier to track and find on the golf course. The suggested retail price is $20 per dozen.


May 8th, 2006
Nike Slingshot OSS Irons
  • Nike Golf recently introduced its second generation of the Slingshot irons. The new Slingshot OSS (Oversize Slingback) is an extension of the original Slingshot irons featuring a shifted the center of gravity lower and deeper in the Slingshot OSS for increased forgiveness and to make it easier to square the clubface. In the design the irons Center of Gravity (CG) has been moved further beyond the face by deepening the original Slingback design, widening the Dual Glide sole and incorporating a lighter, hotter Cryo Steel face. With this design the Slingshot OSS yields a center of gravity position that is well beyond the thickness of the clubface, making it easier to hit the ball higher, longer, more accurately and with softer-landing shots. Nike Golf has saved 29 grams of weight savings from the ultra thin Cryo Steel face. This weight has been placed further back in the clubhead's new Oversize Slingback as well as lower in the wider Dual Glide sole. All of this combines to enhance perimeter weighting and increase the Moment of Inertia, which helps resist clubhead twisting on impact for more forgiveness. The Cryo Steel clubface is thinner, stronger and creates a hotter ball speed than conventional stainless steel. A robotically controlled laser weld maximizes the Cryo Steel faceplate size to create a large/responsive sweet spot. Through 3-D Flow Weighting, the Slingshot OSS irons have weight strategically and uniquely distributed in each clubhead within the set. Long irons have weight concentrated low, rearward, and in the heel to facilitate squaring the clubhead and getting the ball airborne. As the club numbers increase throughout the set, the Slingback design incrementally shifts higher and towards the toe to precisely calibrate trajectory and spin rate to prevent shots from ballooning while maintaining the ability to hold greens. The Dual Glide sole has been engineered to provide the clubhead with smooth flow through the impact zone. The wide constant sole width of the Slingshot OSS irons makes it easy to get the ball airborne and increase the effective bounce to help prevent digging and "fat" shots. The beveled trailing edge of the sole reduces turf drag and the risk of thin shots. Availability is set for November 1, 2005 with a suggested retail price of $799 in steel and $899 in graphite.


May 8th, 2006
Srixon W-506 Driver
  • Srixon Sports today introduces the W-506 driver, the largest, most forgiving driver ever from the pioneering research of Dr. Tetsuo Yamaguchi and Srixon. The 450cc W-506 is the world’s first high volume driver to feature Srixon’s proprietary Impact Power Body construction, a remarkable advancement in driver design where not only the clubface but the sole and backwall of the driver have varying wall thicknesses. The W-506’s Impact Power Body construction—the face, sole and backwall—all work together which allows the entire clubhead to deform at impact. This optimum deformation allows the ball to stay on the clubface fractionally longer helping prolong the spin reducing momentum, so the golf ball launches high with low spin. This phenomenon, known as “Recoil Theory”, was systematized by the technical staff at Srixon and applied into the technology of the W-506. The thin, forged titanium clubface varies in thickness in three places which not only provides maximum allowable energy transfer, but produces a high sweet area that has a large diameter at its hottest reading. Because of the larger 450cc clubhead size, the W-506 has a larger COR Zone—elliptical in shape—which extends from high toe to low heel matching the common strike patterns of all golfers. The high power weight of the W-506 moves the center of gravity (CG) low and deep in the clubhead to help further promote those optimal launch conditions. In addition, the W-506 features Srixon’s unique Autoturn design in which the CG is moved progressively towards the heel as the lofts increase, making the higher lofts easier to square at impact for the slower swingers who generally favor them. Complementing the W-506 is the proprietary Srixon SV-3004 shaft which has been custom designed specifically for the W-506. The flex, torque and weight characteristics of the SV-3004 have been optimized for the dynamics of the W-506 design. The W-506 driver is available in right-handed lofts of 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5 degrees. Suggested retail price is $399 per driver.


May 1st, 2006
Odyssey White Hot Tri-Ball SRT Putter
  • Odyssey, a brand of the Callaway Golf Company, recently introduced the White Steel Tri-Ball SRT Putter. The radical design of the Odyssey White Steel Tri-Ball SRT Putter begins with Saturn Ring Technology, a high-density alloy ring that sets Tri-Ball's Center of Gravity in the optimal position: deep and well back from the face. The result is a Moment of Inertia so high it all but eliminates twisting during the stroke and at impact. In addition, the lightweight milled aluminum body frees more weight to be distributed to the perimeter ring for a truer roll, time and again. The revolutionary 2-Ball alignment system, which began the alignment putter craze that made the Odyssey 2-Ball Putter the best-selling putter line ever, has been augmented with a third, white disc that more clearly defines the target line at address. Like the rest of the successful White Steel product line, the White Steel Tri-Ball SRT Putter face features Dual Insert Technology, which combines a modified White Hot urethane insert with a milled stainless steel insert for the precision and accuracy of steel with the feel and distance control of urethane. The new White Steel Tri-Ball SRT Putter is face balanced, has a half-shaft offset and is available in both right-and left-handed models in 33-, 34-, 35- and 36-inch lengths. It is currently with an suggested retail price of $249 each.


May 1st, 2006
TaylorMade r7 460 Driver
  • TaylorMade recently introduced a third new addition to its r7 driver family, the r7 460. The largest of the r7's, the r7 460 measures 460cc, the largest volume allowed by the USGA. The r7 460 delivers the highest MOI of any driver that TaylorMade has ever created. Like all other members of TaylorMade's r7 driver family, the 460 features Movable Weight Technology, which gives players the power to change the center of gravity (CG) in order to promote different types of launch conditions and trajectories. The r7 460 is engineered with two TaylorMade Launch Control (TLC) ports and includes two movable TLC cartridges, a 14-gram and a 2-gram. While the 460's internal weighting characteristics give it a distinct draw bias, configuring the cartridges so that the 14-gram is in the toe port and the 2-gram is in the heel port shifts the CG toward the toe, counteracting the 460's inherent draw tendencies to promote a straight, or neutral, trajectory. Conversely, installing the 2-gram cartridge in the toe port and the 14-gram in the heel port shifts the CG toward the heel, which supplements the 460's internal draw tendencies, promoting a draw. The r7 460 comes equipped with the new TaylorMade RE•AX shaft, which promotes improved consistency and accuracy from shot to shot. The r7 460 will be available in 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5 degree lofts, and in X, S, R and M shaft flexes. The suggested retail price is $500 each.


April 23rd, 2006
Cleveland HiBORE Driver
  • Cleveland Golf recently introduced the HiBORE driver, a departure from traditional driver designs. The driver features Distance Driven Geometry providing an extremely low and deep center of gravity The head is 15% larger than other large volume drivers. The HiBORE driver separates itself from traditional drivers by using Distance Driven Geometry to perfectly align the center of gravity projection with the center of the clubface. The CGP is the single point on the clubface where no head rotation or “gear effect” occurs at impact. Traditional drivers have a high CGP which makes the top of the clubface the only area capable of producing efficient launch conditions. The problem is that when golfers hit the ball high on the face, they sacrifice energy transfer. By aligning the CGP with the hottest part of the face, the HiBORE produces higher launching and lower spinning drives without the losses in ball speed typically seen with high face impacts on other drivers. The larger sweet spot resulting from this alignment also produces tighter dispersion. The HiBORE’s extra large chassis out sizes other large volume drivers by 15% for maximized stability. Internally, 25 grams of discretionary weight has been added to make it the longest, straightest driver ever tested by Cleveland Golf. Though initially the HiBORE driver looks to be a departure from Cleveland Golf’s traditional roots, its conventional profile and satin finish actually inspire added confidence at address. The new HiBORE driver is currently available and has a Suggested Retail Price of $498 each.


April 23rd, 2006
Zero Friction Golf Tees
  • The Zero Friction Golf Tee is a new golf tee designed to reduce friction between the golf ball and the golf tee. This design produces laser like accuracy and massive distance gains. In the company’s independent product testing at the leading golf laboratory in the world, they found that the tee was on average, almost 5 yards longer and almost 7 yards more accurate than the other industry leading "alternative" golf tees. The tee made has less contact area between the golf ball and the golf tee. This provides optimum golf ball spin rates, meaning more of a knuckle ball type action coming off the tee. Less spin not only means front or back spin, but side to side spin thus reducing a hook or slice. The back of the Zero Friction package provides a diagram explaining how to set up the tee for optimum performance. The company notes that they found slight performance gains if one of the top prongs is aligned at the target. This means the driver comes in contact with 2 of the prongs, leaving the ball to only be effected by the 1 remaining prong. Available in two sizes (2 ¾ and 3 ¼). The Zero Friction golf tees are available for $4.99 for a 50-pack.


April 9th, 2006
Callaway X-Tour Wedges
  • Callaway recently introduced the X-Tour Wedges, short-game scoring tools inspired by two-time Major winner Phil Mickelson and designed by legendary golf club craftsman Roger Cleveland. The new wedges are forged from soft 1020 carbon steel for increased feel and touch around the greens and are available in numerous loft/bounce combinations to fit most players’ preferences. Two versions of the X-Tour Wedge, the 58 and 60 degree models, feature the special PM Grind, the result of specific feedback from tour player Phil Mickelson. They also have the unique "Mack Daddy" Grooves, an aggressively sized but conforming groove that maximizes spin, trajectory and distance control. Mickelson used an early iteration of a wedge that would become the 60 degree X-Tour Wedge to hit the clinching chip from the deep rough at the 72nd hole of the PGA Championship at Baltusrol last summer. The wedge comes available in two finsihes: Satin Chrome, which retains a brilliant luster, or Vintage, which keeps the dark patina preferred by many tour pros. The new X-Tour Wedges will be available in eight different loft/bounce configurations: 50-degrees of loft with 11 degrees of bounce; 52 degrees and 11 degrees; 54 degrees and 13 degrees; 56 degrees and 13 degrees; 58 degrees and nine degrees; 58 degrees and 11 degrees (with the PM Grind and Mack Daddy Grooves); 60 degrees and nine degrees; and 60 degrees and 11 degrees (with the PM Grind and Mack Daddy Grooves). The 52-11, 56-13 and 60-11 PM models will also be available in left-handed versions. The X-Tour Wedges will be available at retail on April 15 and carry a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $135 for the Satin Chrome finish and $150 for the Vintage finish.


January 11th, 2006
Accuflex AccuLAUNCH Shafts
  • Accuflex Golf recently introduced a new series of graphite shafts call the AccuLAUNCH featuring four weight categories, and over 500 fitting options, within the thirteen seperate flex/weight "models". The new series incorporate the proven Tour Winning A2 Technology. The shafts are tuned for optimal launch and spin conditions within each weight and flex profile. The following describes eac available model.

    AccuLAUNCH 50= High Launch ; Mid-High Spin Recommended for slower swingers, smoother transition, need for higher launch and higher spin to create optimal trajectory. The 50 Model works exceptionally well in increasing club speed, and raising launch angles for players that need that extra help in finding those lost yards. A, R, S.

    AccuLAUNCH 60= Mid-High Launch ; Mid Spin Recommended for average swingers, semi-smooth to semi-aggressive transition, need for higher launch but lower spin to create optimal trajectory. The 60 Model combined with the weight, flex and spin profile has quickly become one of the longest driving models of the series, when fit properly to the individual. A, R, S, X.

    AccuLAUNCH 70= Mid-High Launch ; Mid-Low Spin Recommended for average to quicker swingers, average to aggressive transition, need for mid- high launch with lower spin to create optimal trajectory. The 70 Model seems to be the "fit most anyone" model, with the most common fitting options (weight, launch profile, spin profile) Also great for lighter fairway wood option. A, R, S, X .

    AccuLAUNCH 80= Mid-Low Launch ; Mid-Low Spin Recommended for average to quick swingers, average to aggressive transition, need for flatter launch with less spin to create optimal trajectory. The 80 Model works exceptionally well in Fairway woods, the added head weight contributes to the shaft reaction by increasing launch and spin for optimal fairway wood performance. R, S, X.

    The suggested retail price for the shaft is $55.95 each.